Thursday, June 28, 2012



Golden, golden gilt
Sun and flowers-flowered
To sun gilded heights Crowned
Bejeweled a crown, 
Crowned floating over you
Embracing you,
In passion,
So tender,so intense,
Yes,So loving
That in the beginning, 
God, my God,
There was Creation
And it is is now Creation
And thenand life is everlasting–
And the Name,the Name,
Then and now
And before
to an eternity of an everlasting
enriching motionI am dead
I am dying
I am dead no more
For You, You are reborn
Your gates speak of these things –
and your watchmenI sought my love, yes
And I found a jewel
And brought a jewel
Unto my house
Unto my heart
Unto the earth

That covers me

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  1. .The rest of that evening  (Katrina)
    (A poem from The Rocky Hill. Story (“Give us a kiss)
    ...The rest of that evening was peaches and cream,
    Dimmed lights and pink champagne
    Poisoned with dreams.
    Grey snails on a blood-red platter,
    Slippery and slimy as the gutter.
    Murmurs wafting in the smoke-filled-air;
    Memories of love lurking everywhere.
    Shadows - like touches -
    Words filled with lies and ashes.      
    Hollow shadows grinning wide
    Like jackals on a starlit night.
    Time is bewitched.
    I am glowing, I am flying, but
    Between us a wall of fog is lying.
    I am hateful and my body tears.   
    Flutter of lips in the dark
    Like the flutter of moths’ wings.
    From a black man like lava
    From a dark mountain
    Erupt love songs that
    Even God has forgotten...
    a scorching heat, a whisper,
    “Are you with me, my love?"
    and I know, again
    the time has
    come to part
    and a stony silence
    fills my heart.