Friday, October 26, 2012


(In memory of all those wonderful young men who were killed in the battle of "The Hill Of Ammunition")


"You live no more;
You breath no more;
Your heart is finished
Therefore I live;
Have come to life;"

I walk and walk
converse with time and space and depth
all the depth are not to measure
as my life is not to measure

The stones of my streets
say to you that your life 
has been tendered over to me
burned and offered to me
I have taken your heart and soul
to enrich my heart and life and soul
A sacrifice you are… 
You are my sacrifice…

I waited and bore all that there
was given to bear
until I could bear it no longer lest
my heart break
my stones crumbled…
my life's blood slowly flows,
away until not a drop will remain
and so I would then, too,
...and I cried out in my agony… I cried out,
wounded, torn and maimed…
I raised my being to an unseen presence
who was, is and will be
and in tortured shriek...
I demanded you
    and you
and you too…"

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