Thursday, December 27, 2012



Violent twilights clasp a granite sky.
Quick! Command the silence.
If this storm lasts
The city will collapse,
The plants, man, beast -
The Life.

Calm the night.
Place your hand on the brow of boiling earth.
Breath into its failing heart.
Say the words that only you can utter,
Smooth shards of stars with 
Beauty of the rhymes.

To you alone the soul is yearning,
To you and to the softness of 
Your touch, that like a feather strokes 
The lashes of my mind.
Say the words that only you can utter,
Bring back the glory of the past.

My love, so virgin, will embrace your essence,
I'll dwell inside the comfort of your light.
With lightest hand, then, you'll smooth my spirit
And with your breath, as light as zephyr, 
Bring back the triumph of the Love.

1 comment:

  1. Thank you my dear
    Itws beautiful
    seems to me that the poet and the song born together.
    I love it
    Nurit. C.