Wednesday, February 20, 2013



Sun- stunned we met, then, on the beach
He looked at me  shyly, and asked, may I? 
I uttered Of course, and felt my heart leaping
To my finger tips.
He smiled, sat close, not touching,
Playing mindlessly with a conch.
Listen to the sea, he said,  
Pressing the conch to my ear.
I heard the sea simmering inside my brain
Beware, beware.
But that same day
His body moved on mine, 
He cooed lustful words into my breasts 
Under my naked body, sun-scorched- sand-of-noon, 
Was shifting, twisting, in a delirious swoon.
And he cooed lustful words into my breasts,
I was burning, my brain inlaid with sea-shell-shards, 
The sea shuddering, whispering, seething, growling
And the wind moaning mercilessly.  
Then, he tore his body from mine, standing up, 
Looking at me from somewhere far above, 
Murmured, shyly, thanks,
And walked away.

I watched his distancing back
And saw waves-of-prey licking his feet,
The sea swelling, frothing in a primal rage,
Corpses of fishes floating on its waves,
It roared in a terrible pain, 
  And the wind moaned  mercilessly.

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