Monday, June 3, 2013



(from the collection Ballads of a Land)

No man shall see me and live–
I am not able to bear all these people alone.
Moses, cover thy self.
I shall cover you with My Hands –
Grace and Mercy.
Live and lead, Moses.

Two tablets written in stone,
Engraved on both sides.
Out of the mist of Mount Sinai
The Nameless One arose
“Moses, Commandments and Laws” –

The Timeless One arose–
Rose up and spake,
“Court of the Tabernacle.
Listen to the Testimony of Mercy.”

The Nameless One spoke:
“And you shall put the Mercy seat
Upon the Ark of the Testimony,
Holy garments for Aron.
Blue, purple, scarlet and gold intertwined,
Engrave, twelve names:

The twelve tribes of the children of Israel.
Wreathed work
for Aron, your brother
Golden rings,
Pomegranates – blue, purple and scarlet -
Remember, Moses, remember,
all the stars of heaven multiplied in this land.

I have spoken.
I will give this land unto your seed, forever

To inherit.”
This is how
it was written in the book.

And He spoke,
“Walk contrary to me,
I shall walk contrary to you– in fury.

I will not break covenant.”
Above and beyond,
Mount Sinai rose,
Stark, huge and majestic.

A burning bush rages forth –
commandment tablets to Moses,
By the Unseen One.
Unto a land
Flowing with milk and honey.

And Moses knew not –
Wilderness, wandering
Fierce, fiery, barren desert.
“Forty years, forty years wander, wander.”
The Fire raged, yet the bush was not consumed.
“My anger is kindled, Moses,
Take the rod, speak to the rock, Moses.
Water shall come forth before your eyes” –
All the congregation gathered.

And Moses lifted up his hand,
Smote the rock twice, with his rod –
And water gushed abundantly.

“You shall see the land, Moses,
Before you,
But enter not unto the land,
Which I give the children of Israel,
For a possession.”
“You have trespassed against me –
And Aron shall be gathered unto the people –”

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