Thursday, June 13, 2013



Arc of light;
antinomy of endless night
beams enveloping your life

moon-swept mountains
rain bowed in flood

whirl-pooled, frenzied night,
one of a kind you are woman
of every kind you are one.

Give your heart–
daughter of woman
fertility of life, yours

watch the smile of heaven…
voices of birds, ring
sun bright upon you…

submerge in motherhood
enmesh in love
in time...

Your hands caress
your heart palpitates
as beauty plucks your soul

one of a kind you are
to mountain, rain, flood,
luminescent dream of night

dimpled smile wrapped
in new glow... dream of life…
silver arc–circle

now rest, woman
rest your heart mother
days of life to come

dimpled smile, bitter now
a riddled world to your child
you weep, you walk away…

Wait! I shall walk with you

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