Thursday, September 26, 2013


Lani Dreaming
 (From Lani's dreams)

As Lani is dreaming,
her face is brushed by a gentle kiss.
She looks up and touches him
with their gentle memories.
They are standing now; they embrace.
A door opens swiftly.
He is gone.

A balcony sighs… lonely… bereaved.
The lovers are now gone.
A balcony weeps.
Lani is dreaming.
Tears stream down her cheeks.
She sleeps unaware for a while,
protected within eternal rhythm of
sea tides, music and heartbeat
pounding against her.
A balcony sighs,

A balcony weeps,
Lani… Lani.
Suddenly he is walking
in the garden of her mother.
Her mother speaks:
"Lani spring has come.
The big trees around are covered
by a beautiful fresh–green glimmer
the sun’s rays make them glow
in fresh born beauty - lovely –
I cannot recognize anymore
what the trees are really like.
I see so little now. My eyes . . .
But even this unreality is of festive splendor."              

He walks in my mother's festive splendor
as Lani dreams on.
She dreams back to a time before,
as he disappears.
Come back… please come back
she cries in her sleep
I need freedom

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