Thursday, September 26, 2013



No one can destroy This Land again. 
Those who will be doomed –are doomed, 
judged forever. 
I am standing on the ramparts looking down 
to the sea-washed walls; 
complete clairvoyance wraps itself around me, 
enfolds me as a cocoon, silky, soft, yet free; 
I understand; 
I turn and run, but his arms
encircle me, lightly. 
I see another star between us, 
twinkling bravely in the 
brilliant, blazing sun. 
His eyes are sad but laughing,
his smile is sweeter then sweet. 
I watch our shadows walking side by side, 
close than closer in this life. 
He places a red rose in my hand, 
he says, this is for you. 
My heart is full – full to breaking. 
Our stars are wild this night –
wild this night – 
Richly warm, honey covered 
Is this night, 
in this Land, this night– 

No one can destroy this land again

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