Thursday, September 26, 2013

Human Scent

Human Scent

I awoke,
The house is full of light.
The fragrance of pomegranates
suffused the air
I paused, thinking,
then smiled, remembering the night –
Oh, so utterly wild.
I had perfumed myself with
pomegranate's seeds
rubbing it deep into
the pores of my skin.
"What is this fragrance?"
he asked, sniffing my neck,
"it is driving me mad."
I laughed and gave him a ruby
red drink.

Will he come back tonight,
that fantastic person
I never knew?
If he does I should be prepared.
What shall I do? ,
I wish to drive him to the
end of the blue.
Then, I knew
fragrance of carnations
I will drive him to an Eden of lust -
fragrance of carnation
a woman's delight
make any man jump out of his mind.
anticipation in my blooming heart
sweet scent of carnations
perfuming my skin,
wafting around.

He didn't come that night
such sadness, such sorrow
filled the carnation-scented night
it stuck like a knife
in my fragrant, scented 

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